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Spectra S2

Grade: Home

The Spectra S2 is hospital grade quality with home grade availability. The pump runs off a dual piston motor which provides strong, efficient, and comfortable suction to each breast independently. It has fully adjustable speed and suction as well as a stimulation phase to encourage milk let-down....



Spectra Dew 350

Grade: Home

Named for its powerful suction strength (350 mmgh), the Spectra Dew 350 has a dual piston motor, with adjustable suction strength to maintain comfort. It uses the dual piston design to make sure each breast receives optimal suction and because the piston model allows for a controlled and natural ...



Spectra S1

Grade: Home

The Spectra S1 offers all the benefits of the S2, but with the addition of an internal, rechargeable, lithium battery which allows for about 3 hours of pumping time per charge. Includes 2 storage bottles 24 mm and 28mm flanges (may be exchan...



Spectra S9

Grade: Home

The newly redesigned Spectra S9 is lightweight (1/2 lb), has a stimulation phase, adjustable strength from 70-320mmHg (single pumping), a digital display, hospital grade filter and a rechargeable lithium battery for complete portability.  It’s user friendly with just up and down suctio...



Looking for Accessories?

Healthy Baby Essentials offers a variety of Accessories including The NuRoo Pocket in Black or Teal, The Nuroo Scarf as well as Freemie's Breastmilk Collection & Storage Bottle Set. If you subscribe to BC Mass, Tufts, Tufts Health Together, Harvard Pilgrim, BMC Health Net, Neighborhood Health or Health Plans, Inc. you can get your breast pump shipped today. All you need is a physician order and we take care of everything else and best of all shipping is FREE.
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