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Insurance Provided Breast Pump

Breast Pumps Are Now Covered Under the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) states that health insurance plans must cover one breast pump per pregnancy. Most insurance plans offer this benefit with no cost sharing (no deductible or co-pay) for female members.

Welcome New or Expecting Mothers

In order to obtain a breast pump covered by your insurance company and some Medicaid and Self Insured plans, you must obtain your breast pump from an in-network durable medical equipment company (DME). As a result, Healthy Baby Essentials, a division of ENOS Home Oxygen & Medical Supply, Inc., a DME supplier, is ready to provide you with a new breast pump. We are in-network with most major health insurance plans throughout Massachusetts, and can also access many Out of State Plans.

Healthy Baby Essentials provides new and expectant mothers with the highest quality breast pumps. We recognize the importance of breastfeeding your child and we provide breast pumps that make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable.

What Am I Eligible For?

When it comes to insurance and eligibility, a member's benefits are very much based upon her individual insurance company and her specific plan. Plans vary in a number of different ways including:

  • Some plans require a prescription for a plan benefit, while others do not.
  • Some plans cover a hospital-grade breast pump for any postpartum mother who is breastfeeding, while other plans cover this benefit only when a baby is detained in the hospital.
  • Some plans are grandfathered and, therefore, may not offer any breast pump or breast pump supply benefits at all.
  • Some plans cover a benefit at 100%, while other plans cover only a fraction of the benefit cost.
  • Some plans cover a standard electric breast pump during pregnancy, while other plans cover this item only during the first 60 days postpartum.
  • Some plans offer out-of-network benefits, while others do not.

If you're unsure about your specific plan benefits, you have a right to know! Call your insurance company to inquire and then call Healthy Baby Essentials to place your breast pump order.

To find out if you qualify for this wonderful benefit please
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Looking for Accessories?

Healthy Baby Essentials offers a variety of Accessories including The NuRoo Pocket in Black or Teal, The Nuroo Scarf as well as Freemie's Breastmilk Collection & Storage Bottle Set. If you subscribe to BC Mass, Tufts, Tufts Health Together, Harvard Pilgrim, BMC Health Net, Neighborhood Health or Health Plans, Inc. you can get your breast pump shipped today. All you need is a physician order and we take care of everything else and best of all shipping is FREE.
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