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Ameda Finesse Basic

Grade: Home

This pump’s single piston motor has fully  adjustable speed and suction and can run  on AA batteries for on-the-go pumping. It  has a hygienic, hospital grade filter, silicone  connecting parts and comes with 2 bottles  and 25mm fl...

This Product is Freemie Compatible


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Ameda Finesse w/Tote

Grade: Home

This is the same pump as the Ameda Finesse  Basic but also comes with the dotted tote,  cooler pack, 6 bottles and Ameda’s full pumping  kit which includes additional flange sizes and inserts.  • Mimics ...

This Product is Freemie Compatible


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Ameda Elite

Grade: Hosp

The Elite Breast Pump is a multi-user, hospital-grade electric breast pump that is the first of its kind with a microprocessor-driven pump.  It is a durable yet lightweight pump, proven by research to be effective at establishing milk supply.1 The Elite’s CustomControl™ feature o...


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Ameda Connection Kit

Grade: Access

Compatible with Ameda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump The Freemie Connection Kit for Ameda includes one single pump and o...

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